As we are heading into our 4th year, we need your help more than ever. Many crises domestically and abroad have placed a strain on donations. We know that many of you are already supporting many charitable causes. But consider helping to expand our reach to provide a unique holistic approach to healthcare to many individuals and families on the South Side of Chicago.

Your support will help us to fill the gap in physical health, mental health and social services in communities in need. #GivingTuesday.

Tuesday November 28, 2023 marks one of the biggest giving days of the year when millions come together to support so many great causes across the world. In these challenging times we ask that you consider supporting Salaam Community Wellness Center in any way that you can.

Who We Are

We are a unique, innovative integrative model of healthcare that is designed to address the need for a holistic, culturally-responsive approach to address needs of many communities of color. Through this model we provide both the best of western and non-western modalities including conventional primary care, deep breathing, meditation, yoga, massaged therapy, acupuncture, music therapy and more. We also address some of the Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) such as food insecurity through our organic Paradise Garden.

Here are some of the accomplishments we have made over the past 12 months with your support:

  • Provided primary care, mental health, nutrition services and screenings to low income communities.
  • Launched our yoga and massage therapy programs. Conducted music therapy sessions.
  • Conducted a “Women’s Spa” for women of color leaders of non-profits
  • Received a grant from Aetna Health to enlarge and renovate our Paradise Garden.
  • Sponsored our 2nd Integrative Health and Wellness Expo.
  • Sponsored educational programs on prostate cancer and Medicare enrollment.

Here are examples of ways that volunteers have helped us over the past year:

Students from the Transitional Program at the Sonia Shankman Ortogenic School (O-School) volunteered their time to help organize medical records, inventory medical supplies and work in the organic Paradise Garden.

Students from Wheaton College used their internship hours to help create a newsletter and resource directory for the health center’ s patients. In addition they helped to create signage for our newly renovated Paradise Garden.

Received donations of winter wear from a local charity that allowed us to conduct a give-away program distributing over 50 “winter kits” including coats, gloves, hats, socks, scarves and blankets to neighbors in need.

Received handmade blankets from a national organization to give away to needy children ages 0 to 18 yrs, in the community.

Volunteers provided free yoga classes, Zumba and music therapy sessions.