“Mind, Body & Soil”

Primary Care

The Salaam Community Wellness Center (SCWC) will provide all patients with primary care. This is the first point of entry for most patients. It is the primary care assessment that begins the process of helping to identify the patient’s health, healthcare and social service needs. This helps providers to guide the patient through the process of treatment and prevention towards health and wellness.

Addiction Treatment

As human beings we consist of the elements of the earth. When these elements do not align and work in concert, we call this condition a “dis-ease”. This manifests in many ways. In some it results in them seeking foreign substances to numb a physical or mental pain. For others they may seek to use these substances to fill the void of loneliness or cope with trauma.

Salaam Community Wellness Center’s model is to utilize western and non-western modalities to address addictions. We will offer an individualized non-judgmental approach tailored to each person’s needs. Individual and group therapy will be integrated with mind-body exercises including deep-breathing, meditation, yoga, tai chi and chi gong.

Mental Health

Depression, anxiety and post-traumatic symptoms are all too often the “norm” in many communities of color. Unresolved issues and behaviors that arise result in dysfunctional relationships, family discord, violence, poor work and school performance. Failure to address these issues results in the inability to reach one’s life potential.

“Salaam Community Wellness Center’s integrative approach will include individual, family and group therapy. Modalities such as  acupuncture, deep-breathing, meditation, yoga, Reiki and sound therapy will be utilized to help the self-healing process.”


“Soil” is the source of our physical being. Without its nutrients we cannot gain and maintain our health. Food deserts and lack of access to affordable healthy foods in many communities rob its members of the very essential building blocks for health.

Our nutrition program will incorporate and integrate nutrition counseling and a community garden. We have adopted the “Food as Medicine” concept which will educate individuals on how to use food as a way of preventing and managing chronic illnesses and diseases. The garden will provide healthy produce, herbs and flowers for both medicinal and nutritional use.

The “therapeutic garden” will be “a holistic healing space” where individuals and groups can garden, conduct or participate in mindfulness activities such as deep breathing and meditation, yoga, tai chi, and chi gong.

Case Management/Care Management

Health and wellness are a combination of our state of being physically, mentally and socially healthy and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We recognize that many of us need help from time to time to achieve health and wellness. Far too often many of the health problems we experience are because of social determinants. Examples include poor housing, poor education, lack of access to healthy foods, and lack of employment. Case and care management are services which help to support health and wellness. Our case managers will help patients with access to affordable resources. Care managers play a more specific role in helping patients who are struggling with the management of chronic illnesses and diseases. Whether it is obtaining medications, referrals to specialists, care managers play an invaluable role in helping patients gain and maintain their health and wellness.